Rain Rain – Oh the Shame

Chapter 106

Today was beautiful. Well to a runner anyway. It is 64* and slightly rainy. I decided since I only had a 20 minute hard tempo on the schedule to pull it off at lunch. I grabbed my gear and headed to the hateful trail. All was going well. No pain anywhere and hitting an 8:20 pace almost too easily. Then the wind hit and slowed me to around a 9 – 9:30. Thus okay as this was some fierce wind.

The halt to all that happiness happened around the backside of the trail where my blood sugar plummeted. Luckily I was near a bench and sat down. Being it was rainy, there were only about four of us running the trail which is a good thing because being sick on the side of a trail that is open is no fun what so ever! To say I was slightly embarased is a complete understatement, but there was nothing I could do. They ran past and looked upon me with pitty. I’m sure they’ve been here at least once or twice themselves and understood the look in my eyes. Once I felt better I walked to the Y, showered and came back to work and ate, an hour late……

I should have known better. I only had a small bowl of grits and a pear for breakfast, that followed a complete sleepless night, and that was 3 1/2 hours before I left to run.

Note to self, always pack jelly beans or a bar. You never known when the opportunity to avoid the treadmill will occur.

Originally posted on The Loop December 21, 2011

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