Tonight I Took a Breath

Chapter 105

With only 15 days left, tonight I finally feel a little better. It was a regular spin night and I arrived an hour early. I decided instead of doing all spin, I’d head upstairs.

I packed my Kinvaras in the bag with my spin shoes and headed uber charged into the door on a mission. Changed quickly and hit the dreadmill. My plan was to do 30 minutes, since that is when the belt would stop anyway. I figured I’d go slow and get a little over 2 miles in. Instead of walking for the usual five minutes, I was raring to go after two. So I cranked ‘er up to 10min pace and monitored my achilles the whole time.

This was actually a difficult two miles even this slow. I’m thinking it may have been the fact that I was all achilles every minute. “how’s it feeling now; was that a twinge; does it feel tight; am I loosing it”. But I did not feel a thing during this run. Granted I kept it to two miles (2.30 actually not counting warm up and cool down walk) only so I was off within 25 minutes total time. Sigh of relief!

I then headed to the spin room hunkered into profile and cranked out a 30 road ride before the class began. Unfortunately by the time the class actually started I had developed a nasty side stitch that remained for two hours after the class stopped. This made it hard to get my heart rate above 170 but I stuck through it.

Now it’s midnight here, I’m wide awake and wishing we had street lights. I would probably head out just because. But since we have loose dogs, crazy teenagers that fly down our little narrow road and mega holes along the 1.25 mile loop I no longer attempt the sunless escapes.

Originally posted on The Loop December 20, 2011

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