I Pushed Out 8

Chapter 104

This was a cut back week. Actually it was an injury treatment week but not by choice. This achilles thing I guess worries me the most because this is the one I ruptured in 2005. I was on crutches for four months (at which time I had my wedding – you can imagine the pictures…..) so this little pain scares me. That is probably why with the slightest pain and I quit, immedaitely. Well today I pushed a little. It was a busy weekend and I really needed the break.

Yesterday we spent all day at the Williamsburg outlet mall then today at another mall visiting with Santa and finishing up our shopping. So when we arrived home, I decided to try for a run. Yes I said try. This whole week has been one failure after another, so I dialed down the determination aspect of my personality and said “try”.  It was around 40*, kind of windy but the sun was shining.

I hit the trail and an older gentleman came up to me and said I needed more clothes on.  I laughed and told him I would warm up so he just smiled and got into his car.  Kind of off topic but it always strikes me as funny to hear that.  I know how sweaty I will get but guess it is hard to understand until you actually do it yourself.  I slowly took off down the trail, presently cold yes but for only about five minutes more.

Around mile two I started to feel a couple of sharp pains. I was crushed. I stopped, massaged my achilles and calf (felt no pain doing this btw) and decided to just turn around and hopefully get in the 4. On the way back, I was able to adjust my stride enough that the achilles twinged just a little but I could comfortably keep running. So once I hit the end, I turned around again and repeated the four miles to give me my 8. I would have attempted two more but the sun was going down and there are no lights at all there. It would be total and complete darkness.

But I’m happy with the 8 even though I really worked hard the whole run to get them in. I kept it slow and steady. That was what was originally on the schedule so it was a successful day. My knees are achey but that may be due to the odd stride I was doing to prevent the achilles from hurting too badly. I’m glad I kept going. It gives me a tad bit more confidence that I will at least be able to finish the marathon in three weeks.

Originally posted on The Loop December 18, 2011

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