Now I’m Really Scared

Chapter 102

Another run bites the dust. 1.50 miles in and the achilles monster reared its head. This is not good.

So I called it quits and made my way to the spin room. I believe I huffed and puffed a little on the way. The room was empty which was probably a good thing as I plugged into my nano, hit the bottom of a hill and stayed there for 45 minutes singing every song that played. I only had one head pop in the doorway and smile. It put me in a slightly better mood although the sore tush is beyond sore now.

I’m getting ready to break out the roller and the stick and work the fool out of my legs. I’m also thinking about icing that achilles to see if that helps any.

I have spin tomorrow night but may try to get in two miles before class again. I’m hoping since I have at least done one 18 mile run that if I can keep my endurance up that will help me. I have already decided to drop my time goal and just enjoy Disney. Perhaps stop and take pictures along the route. I’ll time my next one.

Originally posted on The Loop December 14, 2011

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