Another Failed Run

Chapter 100

Tonight was tempo night. From the time I began the run nothing felt right. It felt funny running, if that makes sense. It was very left footish. My knee starting tapping on my shoulder around mile 1.5. Then around mile 3 my right achilles started to hurt. I stopped immediately. I have never felt this pain before and wasn’t taking any chance on it developing into any more serious.

I’m pretty sure it was my complete lack of form tonight. I’m not sure how I was propelled forward. It really just felt wrong tonight, which is also a first. I usually like firsts, first 5K under 30 min, first medal, first marathon coming up; not the first achilles pain, first time it just felt wrong to be running. I’m sure my mind is playing all kinds of tricks on me, but it felt too real to me.

23 days! Common really, a new pain with hardly any running……. *insert big sigh here*

Originally posted on The Loop December 12, 2011

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