BA or SA You Decide

Chapter 99

So I would say I may be more SA (stupid arse) than bad arse today. I have bronchitis. I get it every year around this time and keep it for about three months. ‘Pneumonia’ term is thrown my way around New Years by the docs. So this year when everyone I knew either at work or at home was sick, I injested vitamin C in any fashion I could get my hands on. This worked for a while until last week and the total and complete freak out is on!

So this morn, I had my first 20 mile run on the schedule. I only have one more long before my taper. Ok, so not only may I be slightly freaking from my “diagnosis” but I received the final race instructions email last night. You know it is getting close now….. Off topic, sorry.

After the storm we had last night, I was really hoping the predicted rain for this AM had past, but this left us in 46* temps and very windy weather. The 46* is actually good. I like it around that, but add in that wind and it did not feel anywhere near that.

I layered up and brought other clothes that I could change into to stay dry if necessary as I was looking at four hours out there and headed to the trail. I found it really hard to stay around 10:30 pace. I honestly thought this would be the toughest part of my run today. Especially since I have not done anything since Sunday’s 6. Man was I wrong……

I completed the first trail loop, which is 6 miles, then headed out to the street to do the 3 mile bike lane loop. Going out was fine, my lungs did not hurt, my knee was only slightly achey, I was confident. I was actually still keeping that 10:30 pace. As soon as I turned around the running gods laughed at me.

The head wind was pushing. I went immediately from a 10:30 to a 12:30 even giving all I had. I began having difficulty breathing. I mean I do have bronchitis and probably should not be attempting this to begin with, but stubborn is my middle name. Wait, no, determined…

Anyway, I had 1.50 miles of this wind blowing into me so hard my hair was flying, shirt flapping and I’m sure I looked like one of those slow motion cartoon characters running. I could see the beginning of the trail approaching, way too slowly. “If I can just keep going a little further the trees will block some of this wind.” This became my moto. It took everything I could muster to stay around 13:30 half a mile to go. I must admit with only .10 to left to reach trail I had to stop and walk. Determination can only get you so far with the summation of all the conditions I had. (thus the SA)

So by now I had been pumping my arms so hard, even while walking, just to move a little, that my shoulders were killing me and my knee – oh my knee…… I stopped by the car, took a few moments to catch my breath and do some light stretching. Everything was tight from head to toe. I could barely move even my toes, or was that because they were wet and frozen, hmmmm.

Once I could finally breath without wheezing again, I began down the trail for round two. I got a mile into this loop and I could no longer handle the pain in my knee. It became the sharp, sticking pins in it kind of pain. I knew this meant I was done. I turned around and walked the mile plus back to my car with thoughts that I would rest for a little while and head back out the door around my neighborhood for the remaining 7.50. Unfortunately the second run never happened. My knee became so stiff even though I had been stretching and rolling the whole time that walking seems impossible.

The real bad news is I actually felt ok (odd right?). I was keeping the pace slow, after the wind blow out it stayed around 12mm. I could go no faster, but I could go. I thoroughly believe if it hadn’t been for my knee I could have definitely handled the 20 even being sick. Instead I ended up with 12.50 in 2:20:00. Ekk.

So my plan is instead of taking a rest day tomorrow, if the knee is feeling better, to get in 8. This will get me 20 for the weekend and give me two weeks to heal up everything more before my 22 mile, “last chance” run.

Originally posted on The Loop December 10, 2011

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