Not Sure I’m Liking the Plan

Chapter 92

So I do still believe I needed to make the changes to my marathon training schedule to allow me to successfully do my long runs. However this was one depressing week. The new plan does not incorporate the spin classes I love. My new week:

Monday I took a rest day which will no longer be one.

Tuesday (old spin night) did easy tempo. Great run.

Wednesday: New spin class. I was told it was pretty good, but evidently someone else was filling in for the usual instructor and it was boring. I was so upset. I really love the challenging spin classes. I know for a fact that they’ve been the reason for my advances in running.

Thursday: Moderate/Hard tempo. Was scheduled for 40 minutes but stomach was having none of that. I was able to get in 30 minutes and decided to really push the pace to see what I might actually hold for this type of run. I was able to crank the dreadmill up to 7.0 and hold for a couple of minutes. I definitely sell myself short but speed does not work in marathons so will wait until after January to really work on chasing you guys down

Today I have 40 minutes cross training scheduled. I brought my swin gear and thought this would be a great day to put in some pool time. It would give my bones a rest but still keep my heart pumping. Plus I can do this at lunch time. I may smell like clorine the rest of the day at work, but it is definitely better than my od’ de toilet after my runs.

Tomorrow is a scheduled long run, however it is a cut back week and I only have to put in 8. That still sounds funny. I ONLY have to do 8 miles.

Originally posted on The Loop November 18, 2011

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