Kicking Butt in Tempo

Chapter 91

I swear maybe my form is just better around a 9:00 to 9:15 min mile. It’s hard to believe that I can run at faster speeds pain free, but slow me down for any length of distance and the fight is on.

Last night I had an easy/moderate 50 minute tempo on schedule. My plan was to do the first 25 minutes (on the TM unfortunately) at 6.3 and the last 25 minutes at 6.5. So after the five minute walk warm up, I cranked ‘er up to 6.3. I kept bumping into the front bars. This was definitely too slow even for an easy run. So after one minute I pushed up to 6.5 where I stayed the first 25 minutes. The only struggle during this was not quiting due to visual and mind shattering boredom.

Unfortunately the TM cuts off at 30 minutes, so after it recycled and I began again, I put it immediately to 6.5. After five minutes I increased to 6.6. Five more minutes 6.7 (8:57!). Now this became slightly more work which is where the moderate came in but still nothing I had to struggle to keep. ** WARNING random thought *** It’s funny to watch the other people in the gym when you run for that long on the TMs. They will stare at you, walk by to constantly see your console and give you that crazy eye. Okay, so maybe we are crazy but you do whatcha gotta do.

To continue on, after five minutes at 6.7 I dropped it back down to 6.5. It’s hard to believe that 6.5 (9:13) has become my drop down pace. I stayed here for the remainder of the run. The last 8 minutes were the most difficult. My mind kept telling my body to just quit, it was bored. I mean seriously, I’m not going anywhere…… I was very hot and sweaty but I knew I’d kick myself if I quit just because I could easily step off of this contraption and be done with it. No starting point distance that I had to cover in order to get back to anywhere. It would be sooooo easy. But I stuck with it trying hard not to keep looking down to see how much longer. I finished with a 5 min walking cool down and hit 5.60 miles in 50 minutes.

Afterward I stretched out good fashion, jumped in my car and sang loudly off key the whole ride home. I felt that good. The knee sang along with me. Of course, I again could not sleep last night because of the constant twitching in my legs. You’d think running more miles per week would make you sleep even better. Guess that is not the case. I now have the hardest time sleeping but I’m assuming this is normal with the increased load. I could of course very well be wrong….

Originally posted on The Loop November 16, 2011

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