Gotta Rearrange the Plan

Chapter 90

I came to an end of the line conclusion yesterday. I sat down on the floor in severe pain and erased my whole Nov, Dec up to the Marathon calendar. Saturday running buddy and I drove up to VA to take the spin class. Ok, I’ve said a couple of times that it was the best class ever. So this guy topped them all again! There was absolutely no break. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought there was a such thing as a boot camp spin class. If you didn’t take a quick, and I mean quick, drink of water with your legs still kicking in full speed, he yelled. I LOVED HIM! However with my long run being the next day I knew I was in for some trouble.

Sunday I woke to 50* temps. It was beautiful. Could not ask for a better day to do a long run. I drove to the trail and set off. Did well through 10 miles, then my knee started hurting and just went down hill from there. I had 18 on the schedule. I completed 13 and called it quits. I tried to go further but felt it just wasn’t worth it. So this was the first time I plopped my butt on the floor to re-evaluate my training plan. 30 minutes later, running buddy called me and said a few of them were meeting at the trail to do 3 miles, running quarters. I got up, walked around and decided to give it a try. Worst thing would be I’d turn around and leave. So headed out.

I felt a slight twinge in the knee but it allowed me to successfully run/walk with them. On the way back to the start I asked if anyone would be willing to take me two more miles to get in my 18. Running buddy agreed to help me. I thought that was so sweet of her. She was tired but was willing to give it a try to help me out. Unfortunately we talked so much we talked right through a marker and ended up walking 1/2 mile. This must have been just enough time to stiffen my knee because on the last quarter run it hurt like the dickens. I called it quits for the last two. So I ended up with 16. Not too shabby when I thought I’d only get in 13.

But like I said in the beginning, I erased it all and started over. I hate doing that this close to the end but taking the chance on having such a hard spin class the day before these long runs does not agree with my ITBand. And the roller has been my bestie for weeks now which is why I feel I could probably do the miles I did yesterday.

Does it worry me making such a drastic change only 50 days to go? Oh heck yeah! Do I think it will pay off? I’m about 75% sure this will be for the best.

Originally posted on The Loop November 14, 2011

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