To Tri or not to Tri

Chapter 89

Last Saturday was awesome. Running buddy and I trekked up to the Y for spin class. During class the woman on the bike beside me had the clip in shoes. So I began asking her questions about them. She told us about another bike shop on the way home so we decided to stop and check it out. She mentioned that they also have a group ride for several levels. This peaked our interest a lot.

So we find the shop and it is very very small. Especially compared to the first one we stopped in at a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was dressed in the same riding shirt. Seems they just came back from a 21 mile ride. Many of these folks we have seen at the Y and they were all very friendly. The gentleman who helped me with my shoes was great.

At the other store RB and I felt kind of out of place. They seemed a little bit on the snudey side. But this guy gave off ‘ask me anything’ vibes. So I did. We talked about my upcoming marathon and how he and his wife may do Disney in Feb. I told him I was playing around with the idea of doing my first Tri next year. He proceeded to tell me that there is a beginners Tri club at the Y and classes start in January that he teaches. They train to do a sprint in April. This would be perfect!

Since this also does not start until after my marathon, I can fully concentrate on Disney then I’ll immediately have another goal in mind to start a couple of weeks later. No marathon depression.  Since I’m not a swimmer, at all…………… that kind of scares me and I’ll probably feel out of place. But too be sure if it is a beginners tri club they assist with swimming techniques also???

Needless to say, I bought a pair of clip in shoes that will go from spin class to road instead of buying two pairs like the other guy said I’d have to do. I try them out tonight for the first time. I’m actually excited about that. How lame am I?

Originally posted on The Loop November 8, 2011

1 thought on “To Tri or not to Tri

  1. Its great getting a variety and an incentive it makes for more of a challenge. Not everybody I know likes triathlons and I found a few years ago that Im dead weight in the water:) like that everyone is different and you might take to the water like a whale to the ocean,sorry that was a bad comparison:) I think you might know what I mean..

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