Sticking Sixteen

Chapter 88

Anyone who speaks with a runner and boasts that there is no pleasure or adventure in life has obviously never actually listened to a runner. Yes we may ramble and eyes our become all sparkley when someone causually asks how our weekend went. As we dive into mileage, scenary and things we saw, and they look away….. we all know, have read or have shared in our own experiences that just cannot happen at any other time than during a run. Whether these experiences are good or bad, they are ours and we would not trade them for anything.

Today was supposed to be a cut back week for me, but since I could only hit 2.40 miles last Sunday I thought I’d see how things went and make last week the cut back. I spent the morning with the family, made them all breakfast and did some cleaning. It was 65 degrees with a slight breeze. Just too perfect. I headed out to the trail around noon.

I wanted to keep my pace around 10:30 and did for the most part; between 9:45 and 10:30. The first 10 miles went well. I could feel that if I made the wrong move, my knee would rebell. But it did me proud. The bad part hit just after 10. My stomach decided it would rebell instead. I turned around, booked it around 9:15 to the car and hit 11.20 miles by the time I left for home. 20 minutes later I was in better shape to finish up and decided to just go around the neighborhood for the remaining 4.80.

This was going to be the hardest miles period. I already had just over 11 under my belt, sat on my rear for 20 minutes and was going to go back out for another 5? I was doubtful that it would happen, but I was excitedly wrong.

16 miles. I swear I never thought I would see it, especially in 2:50:00 (I say as my eyes sparkle and my legs ache). I wouldn’t switch the soreness for a lazy Sunday any day. Disney, I’m coming for you!

Originally posted on The Loop November 6, 2011

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