A Wicked PR

Chapter 87

It all actually began Friday with the expo. It was very small this year, but I did end up getting another box of gels, some toe socks, three tech shirts, one wind jacket, four fuel belt replacement bottles and one Hammer gel (so many bloops about it I had to try something other than GU). I literally got all of this for nothing. I love expos where you walk in and there are boxes set up selling shirts, hats, jackets, you name it for $1 – $5. Anyway I left happy. The expo always starts my race excitment. Part of my race ritual.

We watched the weather that night and they are predicting 99% chance of a down pour, around 50* and 40 mph winds. Lovely….. So all night long I’m thinking should I wear the outfit, should I not, if not, what should I wear that will work in that crappy weather. Regardless I had a PR in my sites and come rain or shine (or a geyser from haides) it was happening.

So I get up early the next morning as all of the races are an hour + drive for me. Change mind and clothing several times. Luckily I’m smart enough to pack my bag the night before with any change of clothes, food, drink, socks, different shoes and this day a towel so I’m not late. I mean, I’m not wearing my Kinvaras on the beach after the race on the beach. Pft! Right?!?

The temperature was actually perfect, 45*. We ran into a few spinkles on the drive up to Va Beach ocean front but nothing really threatening. After we park, we walk up to the convention center where everyone else is. The wind is kicking and it is cold right on the ocean. I may be shivering in shorts and a short sleeve shirt but I knew without a doubt I’d be happy during.

There were a few very exciting costumes. I love this race. Some people really have great imagination and it shows. You can always go buy an outfit, these folks make theirs and it definitely shows, in a good way. The most exciting costume was yet to be seen.

So we line up in the corrals, go through the normal pre-gun procedures and we are off. By this time, the rain still had not really hit. I’m grateful!

Now for my rant. All that huffing and puffing I do at the trails with those groups of gossip girls that take up the whole width and do not move I’d now take anyday. Why oh why do people sign up for corrals they do not belong in? If you are not going to run the race, why put yourself in a corral that expects under an hour? Com’mon! It took me almost two miles to get around these folks. We are talking a 11 MM! I was very upset. I’d run up on the side walk jumping obsticles just to get around some. You politely ask to go by and they look at you like you have put mud on their face. Uggg.

So finally into mile 3 I could pick up my pace. I was aiming for 57 minutes. That would have put me around a 9:13 pace. Would have been no problem. I am so far behind at this point I just let go. I’m hitting 8:45s off and on where I can. The wind is blowing so hard that when I hit a stretch where there is a break in the building, my right foot is beating up the left. I have a pretty bruise on my inside left ankle as a souvenir. It was funny, you’d see all of us leaning to the left and move slightly that direction. It was blowing that hard.

Then along the final stretch I look down and see I can still make it in under an hour if I put the pedal to the medal. The race pic is hilarious. You can see the struggle on my face to move around slower folks while kicking butt, literally. It looks like my back foot is kicking my own butt. And as I was about 1/4 mile away I’m breathing hard and wanting to slow down. Here comes the costume!

At first you cannot tell; is he or isn’t he? NAKED! When I finally got up closer to him all he was wearing was a speedo type contracption that was nude color. I mean matched perfectly to his skin. Luckily he wasn’t too shabby to look at and while trying to catch up and see if he was just flat out crazy I forgot all about being tired and made it under an hour.

My fastest 10K to date had been 1:05. It is now 59:51. With how many times I had to almost stop, putt along and go backwards to get around herds of turtles I’m happy.

So hubby and I head off the boardwalk and go grab my grub. It is now starting to rain so we hurry under a small tent they have setup on the beach (after changing shoes of course. that was the priority ) Once under this small tiny open sided tent it begins. My backside is getting wet but my food is dry as I’m shoveling the chili.

Then we head toward the beer tent. I’m not a beer drinker at all, except after races. Two free beers and they always seem to go down easily after running. Who knew?

This was a mad house! No actual lines, people just standing around, pushing, stepping on feet, mine…… I swear I was in a line and for some reason I kept going the opposite direction while still facing the table. I know I am just too dang nice for my own good. I hear it constantly and I let them keep getting in front of me and pushing me back a little bit more while they smiled at me. That is gaul. At least have the curtisy to look shyty while being rude. But I finally got up there and grabbed two. One for me and one to give to my sister once she finished. It’s kind of our thing. I always finish first, so I greet her with a beer.

When she arrived, she was SOAKED! While in the beer tent the sky had opened and just let it all go at once. Then, it cleared up and was sunny the rest of the day. We ended up with a cool medal and hat. Nice swag for my favorite race.

Originally posted on The Loop November 4, 2011

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