Do You Remember When

Chapter 86

You ran that first 9 minute mile? How about 8:45? 8:30? Even if you’ve been doing that for years now, do you remember when you finally did it and it was not a struggle how you felt?

Yea, I know I owe you all a Wicked RR, its coming. I have to get the pic

I had a tempo on the schedule for yesterday, so after work I laced up hoping beyond all belief that the sun would stay up long enough for me to complete this run outside. Once I arrived at the hateful trail, I waited (impatiently i might add) for Xena to find a dern satelite, then took off from my self appointed starting line. Once I hit one mile, I glanced down curious and it said 8:30!!!!!

No heavy breathing, no struggle, this was an easy mile. Ok so I slowed once I looked at the watch but not by choice. It’s almost like I could have kept that up if I just resisted that one small glance down. But since I had to look and now I knew it was all over. Oh well. I finished my 5.5 mile run in 51 minutes. I was very happy. Especially since Sundays run was a bust.

So for anyone who had bets on whether (a) she’ll get in that 16 miler after the 10K (b) she’ll try it and stick it out but her IT Band will kick her butt (c) she’ll try it and her IT Band will force her beyond all belief to quit or (d) she just will not try. The final result was C. It was ALLLLL my fault though. The race was great and I cannot wait to give you guys a RR. But I got so caught up in the downpoor of rain, the 40mph winds, trying to get the food, etc that I did not stretch. All day!

And then that night my sister and I took my oldest to the Rocky Horror Picture Show since we promised her once she was 18 we would, so did not get home until 3am. Still no stretching. UG! You’d think I’d know better. It only crossed my mind as I was crossing the street at 2am back to the car and my legs felt like Frankenfurter took that chainsaw to me instead of Eddie.

I really believe I would have been alright if I would have just stretched out. But instead, I got 2.40 miles in to my 16 and there was just no way. It was one of those feelings that you know you have to stop. It’s not a “well if you slow down (or speed up) it will ease off like normal”. No it was you WILL STOP NOW. So I did.

Originally posted on The Loop November 3, 2011

1 thought on “Do You Remember When

  1. This post is so encouraging! 8:30 is pretty fast! Congrats!! I ran my first 7 minute mile about two weeks ago, but it was only one mile. I started running at a pace of 12 minute miles, now I am at 9 and some change. You’re right, it is SO exciting when you finish and see the numbers – surprise!

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