And 6 Became 3 (.1)

Chapter 85

All day long yesterday I sat at my desk drowned in my monitor trying to devise my Sharepoint farm upgrade strategy and thinking about this weekend. The 10K on Saturday followed by my first 16 miler Sunday. Wow, that is a lot of miles in two days for me.

Yesterday I had a 60 minute tempo on the schedule which would have been a little over six miles. And today a speed round. Then the 22 miles this weekend. I think I’m going over the 10% per week increase. Hmmmmm maybe not a good thing? The doubful panic of incuring more injuries kicks in strong.

While sneaking peeks out the window the trees are really moving. So the wind is upon us. Great. 6 miles……..

I headed out to the hateful trail and begin. Man the wind was kicking! I kept pondering on 22 miles in a two day scenario that IS HAPPENING. I looked down and saw I’m going around an 8:30 at half a mile in and feel good. Ok, so that is waaaay faster than I want to do six miles in. I know I cannot keep that up. Hmm. Let’s do a 5 K. That seems to be my fall back distance nowadays.

I hit mile 1 @ 8:40. Seriously? AH YEAH! Turned the corner and BAM. Where did this pick up wind come from, common! And yo, groups of five people on a narrow trail walking and laughing; single file please. I need to get by…….. But I plowed through and finished 3.1 in 27:30. Whoot whoot! and it felt really good, even with the odd arm pumping through the wind and up the hills.

Originally posted on The Loop October 27, 2011

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