The Wickedly Good Count Down

Chapter 84

So the Wicked 10K is this Saturday. I love this race. It is just 6 miles of fun. I was going to dress up like Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) this year. Found a red dress, a knights sword, but couldn’t quite get a glove that would have worked. So what did I decide on?

I showed up at home with a bag from Halloween Express containing a lime green tutu and green striped socks and paired it with my hot pink running shirt and youngest DD’s colorful bows. My youngest daughter asked me what I was going to be, I told her ‘bright’.  Well she thought it was cute.

That does put a twist in my training plans for this weekend however. After the 10K on Saturday, I have 16 on the schedule for Sunday. Hmmmmm, we’ll see how that goes. After work tonight I have spin. Looking forward to it as Monday rest days always make my restless.

Originally posted on The Loop October 25, 2011

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