A Non Race PR and 15 to Boot

Chapter 83

So yesterday I had spin and weights on the normal Saturday schedule. My running buddy who usually goes with me to the Y on Saturdays was gone for the weekend. I saw this as an opportunity to sleep in and figured I’d go to the gym later for some weights. It ended up being a rest day. But after last Sunday’s failed long run do to my over zealousness, I just shrugged it off.

So I get up today and it is 45 degrees. Sweet! I still dress lightly as I know I will heat up fast, load up my fuel belt with two bottles and two gels and head to the trail. I have 15 on the schedule. And wouldn’t you know it, my knee starts to hurt before I get there. Hmmmm, it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. I did NOTHING yesterday.

I start off down the trail and seem to be keeping around a 10:30 pace. A little faster than my intended marathon pace but it felt really easy so I stayed with it. Since the trail is only a 6 mile loop I decided to go down the opposite street to see how far it was as it has a bike lane out and back.  3 miles, cool. Here comes the math:

one trail loop + one road out and back + a second trail loop = 15

Everything was still going well so far. I hit 7.50 miles and had to turn around, end of the street’s bike lane. I had to actually stop and wait for a car. Oh this was going to be the end, the knee was going to call it quits.  I just knew it.  I started back in the direction of the trail and just that little stop did me in as expected. My knee began its thing. I’m telling you, it hates to stop. I slowed down and tried again. Still had to stop every couple of steps and stretch. I did this a few times and just stopped for five minutes to give it a good stretch and rub down. Once I took off again swearing how unfair this is that I can run in the 9s for 6 miles and never feel a thing but I take it easy and can’t get past 8. Hmmmm, ok i’ll just give it a try and go until I can go no more if it works.  If what works you might ask?

I dropped a gear and just let me legs go whatever pace they wanted.  Forget the forced slowed pace.  Needless to say they took it down to 10 (this is now from an 11:30). After a few steps the pain completely went away. I was already refuleing on the run to avoid any stops what so ever and now I needed to plan a faster pace evidently to keep the leg happy. As long as I can run, my legs, your wish is my command…

This continued to mile 14 where some pain returned but I’m thinking more of a new distance pain and not a ITBS specific pain. I crossed the 15 marker with a smile. Walked about another 1/4 mile and stopped to stretch everything out.

So even though I speed up after mile 7 my pace did eventually slow on its own, but I think the difference was I was using the same form, meaning i let my legs decide what they wanted to do instead of me forcing any pace on them.

All in all not too bad. I crossed 13.1 in 2:24 (non race PR from 2.31) and finished over all in 2 hours 45 mins.

Originally posted on The Loop October 23, 2011

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