Now THAT Was a Training Run

Chapter 82

So I never really thought about having back to back heavy workouts until compulsiverunner said something. (and thanks for the BA btw) Well 5PM rolled around and I figured a tempo would be best. I love love love speed intervals but I was dead tired all day and mentally do not think I would have been on top of it. So tempo is was.

I headed out to the hateful trail and set off. Again 1/4 mile in pace check = 8:40. Geesh woman slow down! I was aiming for 9:15 and thought I was around a 10, man is my perceived pace screwy now (insert dancing banana here as Firefox does not like Loop extras). It was supposed to be a 45 min tempo according to my training schedule. Ok. Around 5 miles. Easy peasy. Or so I thought…….

At mile 1.75 oh how did the stomach begin to cramp. This was the worse I’ve experienced to date. I pushed to that mark, hit the lap button and walked. During that short 15 second walk I thought “Come on, is this what you are going to do if it happens during a race? Train to work through it you wuss. Go! Quit being a whimp”. So after a 15 second walk I took off, albeit a little slower. I was in extreme mid section pain but whimp I’m not.

I slowed from a 9:02 to an 11! But even with all the pain I thought ‘this is good. I need to learn to work through it. Here is a perfect opportunity’. I’m not a masochist I promise. I just really saw this as a chance to see how to work through this type of issue WHEN it comes, not if….

So believe it or not, after 1/2 mile it eased off and I sped up some more. I stayed from there on out to the 45 min point around a 9:20. Xena said I did 4.74 miles in 45 minutes. With the walk and the 1/2 mile self torture 11mm I think it went well. And most importantly I proved to myself that I can get through it and it is not a stop all fail.

Originally posted on The Loop October 21, 2011

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