Today’s Fail Was Probably My Fault

Chapter 78

I did end up taking Friday’s rest day ernestly. I fought the urge and sat on my rear end. So Saturday morning I was raring to go. Unfortunately we had to take the dog to the vet early so I was unable to drive into VA for an awesome spin class. But I still went to the Y in town but skipped that spin class. It just isn’t the same…….

I probably did a lil bit too much. I started out running one mile to warm up. Took it around 8:50. Then proceeded to do 130 box jumps. Front and straddled. I didn’t stop there. Did 100 squats, lounges then moved on to the upper body.

So today was my cut back week and I only had 9 on the line. I figured it shouldn’t be any issue. It was 45 degrees, perfect! I drove to the trail, set my watch to keep me around a 10 MM and took off. It felt really really good. Around mile 4.50 my knee started to hurt. I had my strap on and did not feel the usual pressure on it. I told myself I probably pushed a little much yesterday and everything is sore. I figured since I did 13 last weekend with a slight pain the whole time, I’d be able to make it to 9. Boy did this pain go from 0 to 60 in less than a minute. I had to stop. It got that bad. I walked for the next half mile, everything eased off so I decided to start off again. Did good for all about 60 seconds. I walked the rest of the way back to my car.

I probably need to move my heavy leg day to something other than the day before my long runs. Duh huh……

Originally posted on The Loop October 16, 2011

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