Six In The Corner Pocket

Chapter 77

So I decided since I pulled off two miles last night, even though they were great, I needed to do a few more today. Lunch break; me, Xena and my Kinvaras = 6 miles. I split it into two runs.

First run: 5K @ 27:38 – The last half mile I was breathing kind hard but my legs still were full of energy. I just relaxed and let them go again today. Evidently my lungs need to catch up to my feet. No knee pain.

half mile walk to catch breath and get some water.

Second half: 3 miles @ 32:00 – I did force my legs to go a little slower but not enough that I felt a great pull in them. I took it easy. No labored breating, I could have kept this pace for while. No knee pain, but I knew it was there for this half.

All in all definitely a successful six. I have a rest day on the schedule for tomorrow but may put in an easy two that I missed last night.

Originally posted on The Loop October 13, 2011

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