I Knew That Dern Map Was Wrong

Chapter 73

All those runs at the hateful trail I knew I was not running 11 min miles. I had a tempo scheduled for tonight. I was packed to hit the YMCA treadmill, but after sitting in the office all day looking out the window at the beautiful sky I decided to run outside. I generally do not get off work until 5PM or later so the fact that days are becoming shorter and soon it will be dark before I leave gave me another reason to hit the trail while I still had the chance.

Well since I am at work, the closest trail to me is that hateful trail. The one I love to hate. I had Xena with me today so I was actually excited to prove that map wrong. My plan was to run three loops. Unfortunately my stomach (NOT MY IT BAND!!! 😀 ) decided I had to cut it short, so only did two. By the time I hit stop, it read 3.75 miles. The map states it is only 3.50. Oh What Eva! 3.75 miles in 36 minutes even. I can definitely handle that.

I went out and decided I wasn’t really going to pay too much attention to pace. I was going strictly by form. I paid attention to every step I took. After one round I found I tried to become a heel striker. Man did I correct that real quick. Luckily with my Wave Riders I could feel more of the road and how my foot actually fell. This is a good thing.

So the good news? No IT Band issue. However I did only get in 3.75 miles so who knows what it would have done on a longer run.

Originally posted on The Loop October 5, 2011

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