Think I Dreamed This Run

Chapter 69

Last night, even being extremely tired, I made it through my scheduled run. Tuesday night, my aunt called saying she was taking my mom to the ER for a possible stroke. So around 10:30PM I got dressed and went out there to sit with them. She was having trouble seeing and could not speak correctly. Luckily the tests they ran reported doubtful stroke, which was good news.

I returned home Wednesday morning in time to login for work. The good news is I have the best boss in the world and he had no trouble with me working from home yesterday. There was no way I would have been able to drive 1 1/2 hours in traffic and not hit someone.

So instead of going to bed and getting some sleep, I worked all day. I logged off about 5:30PM and changed clothes to head to the gym. We had horrible storms last night so running outside was not even a small consideration. I had no idea whether I’d be able to do this run, but I stumbled through it. I’m guessing all of the different forms of caffeine I pumped into my system to stay awake yesterday kept me going, and thusly up all night. Here was my breakdown:

5 min walk

10 min @ 6.2

10 min @ 6.3

10 min @ 6.4

10 min @ 6.5

5 min @ 5.7 with increasing incline up to 5.0 each minute

5 min walk

Unfortunately I’m doubly exhausted today and did make the drive. For those unaware, today is national coffee day. Couldn’t have come on a better personal day for me.

Originally posted on The Loop September 29, 2011

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