Running Around All Wet

Chapter 67

This was a busy weekend. It was DH’s 40th and he threw himself a big party. I say he threw it because he did all the planning, inviting, etc.

So Saturday morning, I got up early to head out to the gym. Since I’m training for this marathon I do not want to miss a work out and then fail January and berate my self with “if you just would have done all your workouts…..” So I did my 90 minutes of spin and sped home to clean and decorate.

Luckily this was my cut back week since we stayed up late watching a movie once everyone left. Okay, so they stayed up late. I think I was about 15 minutes in and heard myself snore a few times before nothingness.

I awoke Sunday morning to rain. So I decided to cook everyone a big breakfast and clean up the kitchen. Then headed out around noon to get in my six miles. It was great. I unplugged and just listened to the rain hitting the trail and the rim of my hat. I took it real easy. I never even looked at my watch until I was done. One of the best fun runs yet even if it was slow.

I also ran again without my ITB strap. I did feel it a little but with only six miles, it was nothing. Not only do I believe it is the new shoes, but since I wore the same ones yesterday as I wore in the half (and we know the pain hit five miles into that), I think it has a lot to do with The Stick. I bought one at the RnR expo and have been using it since. I have actually made more progress than just with the roller. I can also tell the difference on days that I have used it after and those I have not. I was hoping it wasn’t just some expensive gonna collect dust gadget. It has definitely paid for itself in my mind.

Originally posted on The Loop September 26, 2011

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