My First Date with Kinvara

Chapter 66

OMG! Love Love Love these shoes! Watch out DH, this new beautiful pair of hot pink passion has run its way right into my heart. For anyone who really knows me, they are pain stakingly aware that I am not one to jump on a bandwagon. In fact, I buck the system.

As an example, I just watched Grey’s Anatomy for the first time about four months ago. Okay, so sure I love it but it took me that long even with all the hype. And Friends? Two years ago and okay loved that too.

So let me just clear something up right now. Anyone who is waiting to try these, WHY? I’m jumping so far up on this bandwagon that I never want to leave. Believe the hype!

I did my interval workout today. No knee wrap! Let me back up. I did take yesterday off and with everyone’s advise, took care of my achilles. I awoke this morning pain free so decided instead of another tempo to make up that missed speed run.

This meant giving my Kinvaras their first try. Have I mentioned I love these shoes! Okay, anyway… here was today’s breakdown:

5 minute walk

5 min @ 6.2 (obviously this was a treadmill workout)

10 min of 30 sec @ 7.5 / 1 min walk

10 min of 30 sec @ 7.7 / 1 min walk

10 min of 30 sec @ 8.0 / 1 min walk

9 min of 30 sec @ 8.2 / 1 min walk

1 min @ 8.2 (this is 7:15 mm!!!)

5 min walk

Never once did I breathe hard during this workout. It was great. I definitely am not pushing myself hard enough, but I may hold off on testing how fast I could actually go until after January. Avoid injury and all right?

Afterward I did upper body weights and some 1 min planks. Love these work out days. I wanted to do more, but again…. avoid injury and all.

Originally posted on The Loop September 23, 2011

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