New Shoes – New Pain

Chapter 65

Last night I had a tempo run scheduled. It wants me to do 45 minutes at a 9:13 pace. yeah okay, a mile or two maybe… But anyway this gave me a chance to start breaking in my new Wave Riders.

Also on a side note, I could not find my clasps for my wrap so first run without my IT strap. My knee did not act up at all after five miles. I was in heaven!

But back to the bad news, I’ve seemed to have developed a pain in my right achellis. It is quite sore today. I rolled it for a while last night and have stretched this morning but that does not have seemed to have helped it. This is a first. I hope it wasn’t my shoes. I adore my older pair of Wave Riders and look forward to the new pair.

I have plans to try out the Kinvaras tonight with my speed workout. But if it still hurts like this, I may move my speed workout to tomorrow and just drop today. I hate to do it, but I do not want another injury.

Originally posted on The Loop September 22, 2011

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