Weekend 2 Down

Chapter 63

Marathon Training Day #7/8

Yesterday I did decide to take it easy since my legs still felt like cement blocks. So skipped my normal Saturday plyos and just did upper body weights and 75 minutes of spin. Felt great.

Today I tackled 9 miles, no walk breaks. My knee did me a favor. It only ‘let me know it was around’. No actual pain. But I ran enough today to notice that when it did start knocking on the door my form was sloppy. So as long as I paid attention and did not completely zone out, I was able to highly enjoying a long run for a change. I did force myself to stay around 10:30 to 11:00 pace. This is a minute and half slower than my robot pace which is where I’m planning on sticking for the marathon. Took me 1:39 to complete. I was thrilled! It just felt so good to be able to run without wincing.

On another note, my current running shoes I know have around 500 miles on them each so I decided to treat myself. After all, I’m getting ready to log more miles per week than ever before and I must protect my knees. Dicks had a sale so I jumped on the Kinvaras bandwagon…… Oh they felt soo good on my feet!

So I figured they would be my speedy shoes which meant I still needed something with a little more cushion to carry me on Sundays….

I tried the 2160s after reading many great reviews but I do not know if it was just trying them after the Kinvaras or if it was the shoes themselves, but they felt too bulky.

So what is on the schedule for tomorrow? A much much needed rest day.

Originally posted on The Loop September 18, 2011

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