That Was SOOOOO Difficult

Chapter 62

Marathon training day #5

This has to be the hardest tempo run I have ever done. I swear I just wanted to go home but went anyway. I jumped on the treadmil and wanted to quit so many times I could not count them.

I had a 45 minutes tempo run at 6.5 on the schedule tonight. Even on a good night running that long at 6.5 would be a challenge. I could probably do it, but it would be quite an effort. But tonight…….

I did expect to be sore today after last nights kick arse workout. I woke up this morning a little stiff but walked it off. I have a desk job so by the end of the day I was extrememly sore from head to toe. But I’m determined to do this marathon so I begrudgingly went to the Y.

I cannot explain how heavy my legs feel. I started a five minutes walking warm up and lets just say that was tough in and of itself! But after five minutes I up’d it to 6.0 for the first 10 minutes. In my mind I was going to work up to 6.5 instead of just going all out since I was not feeling it tonight. But my legs would not have it. So instead of going up for the next 35 minutes I went down to 5.5 to 5.7. Regardless, I finished the 45 minute run and I will not be sad at not hitting the speed dictated by my training plan at all. I did it, my lead legs and all.

Tomorrow I have XT on the schedule so that means spin. That should be a rest for them….. haha

Originally posted on The Loop September 16, 2011

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