Preppn for the Half

Chapter 56

I’ve got to say, the closer the RnR gets the more nervous I become. I normally do not shake in my tennis at the thought of a race, but due to my knee this one scares me slightly. I really really wanted to come in around 2:15, but since I have to run/walk, it just isn’t going to happen.

I also do not want to push too hard that I have to sit out for an extended period with my first full coming in Janaury. I’d love to stay vertical when I finish 🙂

I was able to finish 10.25 miles on the treadmill on Sunday. This was after five hours of spring cleaning my kitchen. I had no choice but to do it even though I was extremely tired. I hadn’t done a double digit in almost two months. So I wrapped my thigh then strapped on the IT Band band and headed out.

I was fairly exhausted during but felt good after, albeit my knee was killing me until this morning. Yesterday walking was rough. Here is how I broke it down:

5.40 miles = 1 hour @ 5:1 with 6.0 pace

30 minutes @ 3:1 with 5.9 pace

23 minutes @ 1:1 with 6.2 pace

7 minutes @ 2.0 – could not do any faster. Oh I was about in tears from the pain. It did subside slightly but walking was harder than the run.

When I got home I had planned on icing everything down, but decided to attempt a first – an ice bath. WHOLLY FREEZING ICE CUBES!!!!! I managed to stick it out for 10 minutes while my youngest DD read to me so I was proud of myself. It did absolutely help my shins, ankles, and knees. The only thing left were my calf muscles. They continued to scream so DH half arsed rubbed them but even that little bit helped.

I took Monday for a rest day as even standing was an issue. Not only were my calf muscles still stiff, my knee was just over the top.

Yesterday I did an hour of spin. Love da’ spin! I was going to go to another spin class tonight but think I may have to skip. I must have eaten a bad cottage cheese cup this morning. Someone needs to pop the balloon in my belly so it will stop expanding! And since I am currently over an hour from home in the office, I’m fighting not to start getting sick.  The forced rest is probably exactly what I need anyway.

Originally posted on August 17, 2011

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