On the Road Back

Chapter 55

Yea! I hit 7 again. But let me get all caught up first.

Saturday did my regular work-out. Felt soooo good to be able to go through this. Did 80 box jumps, weights using a few new moves I read in a magazine, then a spin class. I worked my butt off this class since I had a way to keep track of my heart rate and push where I thought I had been before. Man, i’ve been cheating myself slightly. Have I mentioned lately that I love my 305!

Sunday would have been my long run day, but I woke to rainy skies and sore all over so I  decided to wait until the Y opened at 1:00 PM. My DD and I headed out around noon and ran a new trail that was over water. Kind of scarey since this was the first path we’ve done that was an all wooden bridge. It was extremely hot and muggy. Around 96 degrees, high humidity and no breeze at all! We still managed to keep an 8:30 pace for the length of the trail. It was only 1/2 a mile but this was encouragement to push for one leg at a time.

Once we felt we had melted enough, we headed over to the building and I hopped on the treadmill for another 2 miles for a total of 4. I picked up a 4 min to 30 sec ratio putting my run pace between 8 and 8:30. Felt sooooo good! Knee did me proud.

After this we headed to an hour long yoga class where the instructor asked what we all wanted to do. I seemed to be the only one speaking up and asked for poses specific to runners. Man did she deliver. DD and I still are unable to move smoothly. But I know my legs love her for it.

Then yesterday I left early and hit the treadmil. My knee seems to like it better at the moment, so why complain. At least I’m running. I kept a 5:1 ratio with my pace steady at 6.0 (10mm). Every so often I could feel the knee protesting, but I would pay close attention to how my feet would land and make slight changes and this seemed to keep me moving. It did take me 1:15 to complete 7 miles but I walked the first 5 minutes to make sure my knee was good and warm and did not attempt any faster than 10:00. Not gonna complain about that either. Distance over speed for now with the RnR coming up in a couple of weeks.

I’ll be leaving in a few hours to hit another spin class and some upper body weights. Looking forward to it.

Unfortunately the smoke seems to be creaping into buildings now from the wild fire and is making it slightly hard to breathe but not a whole lot can be done about that. The firefighters are working hard to get it under control and we all grately appreciate them!!!

Originally posted on The Loop August 9, 2011

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