Melting on the 1st of September (RnRVB RR)

Even after several of us swore we would not do the Rock N Roll VB this year after last year’s heat torture, we did it anyway.  I did my first RnR VB in 2009 (my first half) and was out of commission for three days (contribute to lack of training and extreme heat).  The following year same results being out of commissions for the remainder of the day then with last year following the pattern.  So this year I decided to do the mini with the rest of the team so they would not have to wait an additional two hours for me.

Don’t get me wrong, we made the best of everything and had a blast but we may be looking for a substitute race for next September.  Maybe we are spoiled from doing all of the J&A Races every year since 2009 (they put on a great race and take care of everyone) but the RnR series just was a disappointment to all of us yet again.

We had four of our team volunteer this year instead at the banana station.  They hated it and I believe now have a severe allergy to bananas.  They mentioned the “great breakfast” they received was stale with rotten fruit.  They also mentioned the majority of the half runners were extremely rude which surprised me but I guess there will always be those ungrateful for others who do this for them.  This is a shame and can happen at any race.

They also mentioned the giving out of unwrapped cookies in a bucket where the runners just stuck their sweaty hands in and grabbed them.  After a while those were some nasty cookies left in the bucket for the rest to follow.

But to back up, the day began with us getting off the bus and heading to the porta potty line.  It’s kind of funny when you think about it now, but we spent more time in this line than it took us to run the race.  I was in corral 4 but we all ended up taking off together with corral 14 as that was when we all finally got through the line.

We were also extremely disappointed receiving a warm can of beer instead of the usual cold draft cup.  Again, we are probably spoiled, but every other race series I have done has not gone the way of the can.  I understand how it is probably easier for them, maybe cheaper, but this is one of the icing on the cake features of a hot sweaty race.  The cold draft beer at the finish line.

To top it all off, with the mini runners still coming in and the half pack still out there, they ran out of mini medals and had to give out the half medals to the mini runners.  Now I know this means a finisher still received a medal which is important, but to those that this was their first RnR race and they did the mini I know for a fact for those in our group that had to settle were disappointed as they would look upon this race’s medal and it said half marathon instead of mini.  This may not be a big deal to most, but to them who have not yet done their first half, receiving a half medal without completing that distance means when they finally do get that first 13.1 under their belt, their medal rack will have one already staring back at them and it just will not hold the same significance.

Regrettably I feel like a complainer with this post which I hate to be especially since we all ran the race, finished and gathered after talking about the days events.  A social event we all always treasure.  So I’ll actually try to end on a positive note.

The one really good thing about this race is their efficient travel back and forth to the event.  This is one of the most organized races in this manner I have ever attended.  The buses are always available and you really do not wait to get on or off of them.  No worries about parking as everyone meets at the amphitheater, walks over to the buses, gets on immediately however many people are in front of you, gets dropped off at the convention center and joins the gathering lot of racers and family.  Leaving the event is the same, walk over one street, jump on a bus, go back to the amphitheater, walk to your vehicle and leave.  No waiting.  It’s just everything in-between that makes us question doing it the following year over and over again.

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