Me and My Ace Bandage

Chapter 48

Yesterday I just happened to work from home since I had to pull a split shift and did not get to bed until 2:00am. I do not mind those so much as it means I actually get to see others who roam around my house. Plus since it is summer vacation, I got to spend the whole day, or the same room at least, with my youngest DD.

Since I was home, I got off work around 5:00PM (did not have to drive 1 1/2 hours home!!!!!) and decided to go to the gym. I was not able to do my Tuesday spin class as that is held in VA but went with a list of exercises to help build my legs and core to hopefully get rid of this dern ITBS.

So before I left I wrapped my leg just above my knee tightly with an ace bandage. I immediately felt some relief from the nagging daily pain. Got to the gym and did two miles on the TM without flinching. Took me 23 minutes, but hey, I walked the first five minutes, 1 1/2 minutes half way and two at the end so kept around a 9:13 pace with no heavy breathing. (loving these numbers can you tell )

Hopped off the TM and headed to the free weights. Did a few squats then loaded up a step for plyos. Did a ton of them. I am definitely feeling it today! Hit the leg machines to work my inner and outer thighs then strode over to a 30 minute abs class.

I’m hoping that by working my legs and core three times per week it will greatly improve my running or in better terms help with the ITBS. I also ordered a pro-tec it band strap after reading many many reviews. Hopefully this will also help.

Spin tonight. I think I will need that just to loosen up things. The longer the day goes on, the stiffer I become. Of course having a job where I sit behind a computer all day does not help.

Originally posted on The Loop July 20, 2011

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