Filling up the Weekend

Chapter 46

I waited to add this until today and just lump it all into one. It was a non productive weekend.

Friday: No workout = Harry Potter!!!

Saturday: Went to Y and did one mile on the TM. Walked first two minutes, ran three minutes at 6.0 then each minute up’d it by one at an 1.0 incline. So finished around 6.8 or 8:50. Felt good but felt knee. Then did some upper body weights and 60 minutes of spin.

Sunday: Wanted to attempt four miles with a run/walk method. Met ‘S’ at trail around 6:30am. she began with me but I told her to go ahead after .75 since I was going to take a walk break. So we started right along and when we reached .75 only six minutes had passed. WOW! We were talking and I was not paying attention to my pace. I truly believe I started out too fast. But kept going.

Walked next .25 then started again, slightly slower. Knee started aching a little so thought i’d change it to run 1/4 walk 1/4. Did this for mile two. Turned around to go back at this point. This is where it went downhill. My knee started hurting so badly I could only run 30 seconds at a time and only attempted it three times on the way back. So basically walked two miles back to starting point.

It gave me grief all day yesterday. I iced, stretched, rolled, elevated…. If I walk fast today it screams. I’m really getting concered about not being able to make even the smallest gain in distance since I have the RnR coming Labor Day weekend. I really wanted to PR and I know if my knee would behave I would.

Today I brought a change of clothes but will just take it easy and do nothing. I have spin the next couple of days.

Originally posted on The Loop July 18, 2011

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