Semi Good News on the Horizon

Chapter 45

So it has been a few days since I’ve added to my blog and much has happened. I’ll just give a short daily update:

Monday: Took day off since did the two speedy (for me) miles and knee not much caring for it on Sunday.

Tuesday: Ran one mile on treadmill to see how things were going at 9:30 pace. Could not breathe to save my life, but knee felt okay. Killer spin class after at GB.

Wednesday: Weights followed by another kicking arse spin class.

Thursday: Got up at 5AM today and logged two miles in my neighborhood. I left my watch on the dresser. I wanted to concentrate more on my breathing, which was so labored on Tuesday, and how my knee was feeling. Went pretty well. Only a minor twinge after which I also felt when I slowed down slightly during.

So all in all, I think the stretching and my new blue foam boyfriend are my saving grace. It felt so good to be out there this morning, not worried about times or calculating distance (neighborhood is measured out very well). I’ve been all smiles since.

Originally posted on The Loop July 14, 2011

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