Two in the Morn

Chapter 44

I am so happy I can in no way be disappointed in the limited number of miles I ran this morning. I thought yesterday that maybe I’d get in four miles today, which would otherwise be my long day. I arrived at the trail and walked around a little then decided, maybe I’ll set three in my mind and see how it goes. If all seems well, I’ll do the four.

Needless to day, I only did two, but I could not be happier. Why? Let me explain.

I’ve always been around a 10:00 to 9:30 person. I can usually keep that pace up for a couple of hours. I’ve never been able to really do much faster for even a mile or two. So today’s times just shocked and awed me. I went out and said to myself, “self? just let your legs do whatever they want. They will know where they want to be. No pushing!”

Mile one: 8:55 (WHAT? Seriously? – wholly cosmos batman!)

Ran another 100 M and knee started making itself know. At that moment I thought, not going to do it. I’m not going to just keep going for my ego. I’d rather heal than continue. But since I was a mile out, I had to repeat the mile back. So in the same fashion I decided to let my legs do whatever they wanted.

Mile two: 9:27 with a walk break half way. (uhhhhh did I really just do that? is my watch wrong?)

I must note that I was breathing noticably but not too hard. I did not feel like I was ‘working’ but just going with the flow. I could have answered short questions. I never felt like I just had to stop. I went out without a time in mind. Just wanted to run!

So you can see how I would not be at all upset with only getting two miles in. I would love to have done 16, but it will come. And with all of your support over the past few weeks, I am going to make myself take it slow and abide by the great advise given.

I came home and rolled and stretched. I do however believe I may need to give credit for this speedy (at least to me) miles to the spin classes. They must definitely be building up my leg muscles. Who’d thunk it?

I may hit the gym in a few hours and hop on the elliptical and see how that goes just so I can get a substantial amount of time under my belt.

Originally posted on The Loop July 10, 2011

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