Dreams of pavement below my feet

Chapter 43

I did my regular saturday morning gym routine accept I lifted a little heavier today. Also got in my 90 minutes of spin. A really good thing happened during the first 30 minutes. The instructor came in and we had a great conversation. We talked about my training and the fact that I am suffering from running injuries. She explained she worked through ITBS also training for a half and how she did it.

Funny thing is, when you talk about running issues, the first question everyone always asks is “Do you have a foam roller?”. Glad I joined the Loop and was introduced to this phenomenom so that I knew it was a “must have”. She also showed me a few band stretches that were shown to her that she said really helped.

She also suggested I work in my ‘long runs’ on the elliptical. This would simulate my running and still allow me to work a couple hours.

Once I got back home this morning I attempted the stretches. Whoa. Have you ever done anything so painful that it made you laugh instead of cry? If so, then you’ll understand the pain when I tell you I was hysterical. But, I believe this will also help me get through this and finally get back to what I love.

I think I’m going to try, again, for a few miles tomorrow morning. I seem to be able to keep a slower pace on the trail than the treadmill. I’m hoping for a semi painless run since even after thursday night my knee regressed but then friday felt much improved.

Originally posted on The Loop July 9, 2011

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