Gimpy in NC

Chapter 42

So I probably deserve to be limping again. I swear I meant to attempt three easy miles on the treadmill. It just did not work out quite that way.

I started off well enough. Walked first two minutes, had incline on 1.0 but bumped back down to .5 for safe measure. The remainder of the first ten minutes I warmed up at 6.0 (10mm). Next two minutes dropped to 9:30.

This is where my mind got in the way. Everything was feeling good, minus the feeling of being unable to take a deep breath, but geesh, can only concentrate on one issue at a time……

I decided to do 1:1. Each minute run I got faster and faster. I finished my last minute run at 7:50mm. Then walked last six minutes. Oh the pain set in nice and good during the walk. Didn’t think I would finish out the 30 minutes.

So needless to say, I did it, 2.50 miles in 30 minutes (oh how horrible it is to actually admit that!). I feel it may be another week before I attempt it again. So I’ll stick to the spin classes I guess for now.

Originally posted on The Loop July 8, 2011

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