Spin Spin Sugar

Chapter 41

That title may be lost on a few as I believe the group only had the one CD, but it fits nicely 🙂

Attended another spin class last night after work with running buddy. I am definitely not hating on the local town’s YMCA instructors, but this one just was not the same. The GB location did such a great job. We did not take five minute recovery breaks. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure we actually did any ‘recovery’ unless considered as active recovery. It was great! And yes, arrived early and got in my 90 minutes.

My abs were screaming at me the whole time, but pfeff. Those whimpy muscles will continue to be abused now that I am fully aware that they’ve been neglected.

Tonight I think i’m actually going to try to do 3 miles on the treadmil. My knee is still kinda ify, but I will never know unless I just do it. I would be scheduled for 16 miles this weekend, but not so sure that will get done.

Originally posted on The Loop July 7, 2011

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