Wheeling N Dealing

Chapter 40

I would so love to hop on here and give details of a great 4th of July run 😦 Unfortunately I’m still wading through the storm of injury but with my head held high and hopes for a short run hopefully this week in my sights.

My knee is still giving me grief, but the foam roller and I are becoming great friends and it seems to be a miracle of simple proportions. If you actually sit and look at this object it is hard to believe it can be a sanity saver to a runner. Something so small and simple. No fancy electronics or gadets to fiddle with. No manual to read. This blue cylinder looking thing. Oh how it is painfully desired.

Anywho, I still got off my butt today to do some sort of training. 90 minutes of spin and then a 30 minutes abs class. I truly believe it will be hard to breathe tomorrow. It was however the fastest 30 minute class I have attended in a long while. It was also the first ab work I’ve done in quite some time, thus the belief taking a breath will require some intense concentration upon waking.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

Originally posted on The Loop July 4, 2011

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