Crazy with Couch Potato Madness

Chapter 38

I am going crazy! I would love to say that I could even go to the pool and do some pool running, but I cannot move my knee but slight and even then it must be slow or it kind of freezes up on me. I’ve been doing some extensive reading, since research is all I can seem to do, and perhaps my leg muscles are uneven, maybe they are severely weak, perhaps my stride is not optimal, I’m wearing the wrong shoes, etc etc etc. Yeah I thought the same thing, good grief.

I’m thinking more than runner’s knee however and I may actually be suffering from ITBand Syndrome since the pain is strongest on the outside of my knee. I acknowledge that I have been favoring my right leg with the constant pain in that hip and the inability to straighten that leg out in front of me. But even though this seems to be all knee in origin I still feel ITBS may be the cause.

I’m icing/heating regularly but it seems to be in a stalled phase. It might not be so bad if I was able to do anything but this just stinks!

Glad I did not sign up for the July 4th race now. I’d have to sit and watch and that would just be torture!

Originally posted on The Loop July 3, 2011

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