On the Edge of Fifteen

Chapter 37

And the ugliest positive split award goes to?

I did it. 15 miles. The longest run to date. How do I feel? Like it shouldn’t count. Oh what a story to tell.

5:30 am I met the new lady (the 8.30 min runner). I explained the trail to her and told her I would not mind at all if she did her own thing. We took off and for the first lap (5 miles) she stayed right along my snail pace of 9:50/10:00. We talked the whole way down and back. It was great. The quickest perceived five miles I have yet to run.

Round two, she did go on along. She has a half next weekend and wanted to get in 10 today, so half with me and half for her. It was great. I absolutely loved it. We talked about races completed, ones upcoming, it was funtabulous! I also discovered just how small the world is. Come to find out, she works for the same company as my husband.

Round two I had to slow down. I was going to put in 15 no matter what today and knew my normal robot pace really was too fast. I finished the second trip in 56 minutes.

Third trip, feet started to complain, oh well they will get over it. They have to adjust to the miles increase. The knee on the other hand started making noise. I decided to add in some walking. I still have six months before the race so I figured it was important to just start getting mileage under my belt. Knee started fussing louder. By the time I arrived at the turn around point, it was absolutely being a baby! I had to sit down. I could barely move. I still had to do 2.75 miles back to the car. I had no choice. So I started back so slowly it was crazy. I walked faster doing hospital laps while giving birth to my youngest than I managed this path back.

I had to stop several times. It just kept getting worse and worse. I finally found that if I peg legged it I would actually be able to make it to the end, which I eventually did.

So my forced positive split? 5 = 50 minutes | 5 = 56 minutes | 5 = 2:10:00. Like I said, ugliest positive split in the world! Bad thing is, I have no idea what caused my knee to act up so that I can avoid it in the future.

Originally posted on The Loop June 26, 2011

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