Back to the Saturday

Chapter 36

Finally! I was able to get back to my saturday morning of needed torturous bliss. I knew I was missing my saturday routine, but you never really realize how much until you get back to it. This has been the first weight session in weeks. Yeah, I really need to work harder on that one.

After the 30 minute upper body weight session, I did 90 minutes of spin. It was great. What made it absolutely awesome was a new runner will be meeting me at 5:30 AM tomorrow morn for my long run. Why is that so great? She runs an 8 1/2 min mile during half marathons. Someone to push me! I”m so excited to have my buttucks kicked.

She is very nice and tries to do a half every month. She is able to travel of course to accomplish this. Her latest goal is to do one in every state. She has six so far under her belt.

I’m a little afraid I’ll hold her back, but i’m going to start off the run letting her know when she needs to let go and I cannot keep up, just keep on going. It will just inspire me harder each week to work to keep up with her. I think this is exactly what I have been missing.

Originally posted on The Loop June 25, 2011

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