Fueling For Fun

Chapter 25

I am going to start this post by saying PCOS sucks! Forgive me for what is sure to be a multi thought irradic rambling.

Here’s a little history lesson. I’ve always been athletic my whole life. The last 15 years has been rough with gaining weight regardless of how closely I watched as food entered my mouth. It did not make sense. I was one of those girls who was able to eat a whole bag of oreos a day and never gain a pound. I know this because well, been there did that. Well after my second child things really went in the wrong direction with me gaining 20 lbs in one month.

This was what warrented a doctors visit. Had surgery for hundreds of cysts on my ovaries and discovered I’m a classic textbook version of PCOS, luckily not diabetic. I do however have diabetic tendencies but they cannot stamp me with that label. I am fighting it like a race horse frightened to be sent to the glue factory.

Well two and a half years ago I had an abnormal three hour glucose test and this pushed me to really start running again. By just running four to five times per week, I lost almost 30 lbs in just a couple of months and this was even with not changing my diet much at all.

The bad news however is that PCOS and carbs do not mix at all and this non disease causes me to gain weight by the air I breathe in. Most of the time I walk around with a swollen face and a belly that looks like I’m about to deliver for a third time, me and my elephant pregnancy. But when I cut out carbs, I just cannot seem run. I become dizzy, nauseous and extremely weak right out of the gate.

This past week I decided to cut the carbs again in order to try to loose 20 lbs that I put back on after adding carbs back into my culinary endeavors to support my running habit. That has made this week suck, thus the opening statement.

I did make it through 5.25 miles yesterday with one walk break each mile to try and recover to push on. I am determined to find a way to combat this “condition” without drugs (metformin). Running has seemed to be my savour and finding my balance between carbs and not carbs is just a trial and error away. I also hope to inspire others suffering from this non disease who feel as I have for years, lost and out of control, by letting them know it can be done without having to give up an active lifestyle.

So I guess in essence, I owe my life to running.

Originally posted on The Loop May 18, 2011

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