YeeHaw Y’all

Chapter 23

Ok, so I’m not really that country, but it fit. I must say I completely, totally and enormously love speed workouts! They are definitely my most fav.

So if you can not tell I was able to complete my workout tonight past my expectations. I left a very long work day, at least it felt that way, around 6:15 PM. Went to the hateful trail and did one lap at a 9:30 pace. That is a warm-up of 1.86 miles.

Then I walked over to the YMCA and hopped on the treadmill for some monitored speed. I pushed the incline up to .5 and walked for the first five minutes. For the next five jogged at a 10:00 pace. Then the fun began.

The next minute I kicked it up to a 7, jogged for 1 min at 6, ran for 7.1, jogged at 6 and increased like this for five intervals. The sixth I took it up to 7.5, then 7.6 and finally 7.7! This was a first for me. I was so excited to have run two one minute intervals in the 7.## s. 7:47 mm was the fastest. What makes it really thrilling is that it was not a struggle to complete the minute. I actually thought I could go for two, but did not want to push too hard this week.

Now I feel absolutely great! I love it when run goes this well. Hopefully I’ll get a tempo run in tomorrow then look forward to Sunday which will draw a 15.

Originally posted on May 11, 2011

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