The Countless Miles

Chapter 21

I have not stepped foot in my running shoes since Monday May 2. Now in my defense, we arrived in Florida for our family Disney vacation on May 1 after driving 14 hours. So day two, I laced up and trotted around the resort. That day was our first of five trips to parks.

From sun up to sun down we were walking…. all day long! By Wednesday my feet and lower back were screaming. There was just no chance to squeeze in a run no matter how much I wanted one.

It’s a shame I cannot begin to count the number of miles walked over the past week because I’m sure I’d be amazed. So in a way, there was an unplanned exercise session(s) all week for which my feet are glad for the high five they are receiving now while i’m plopped in front of the TV.

I’m looking forward to waking early in the AM and fitting in a quick few miles before the house rises and I return to the long drives to work.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women who not only care for their own but others they love whether they bore them or not.

Originally posted on The Loop May 8, 2011

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