Disney Repercussions

Chapter 22

So my plan to get up early this morning and log a couple of miles did not happen. I started thinking about it last night and decided I wanted something with a little more depth. I packed my bag for after work to hit that hateful trail and clock between five to seven miles. After all, I really needed it.

I was actually able to leave work slightly after 6PM and head to the ungrateful non circular circle. The temp was around 75, a little higher than I actually like to run in but this was going to be decent mileage that I was going to enjoy tremendously… or so I thought.

Thursday, during all of the weeks worth of parks, smiles and “right this way princess”, my shins actually began to ache. This flittered in the back of my mind but I passed it off to exhaustion. Ugg. Exhaustion it was not. I was only able to work in 3.50 miles today before my shins just would not let me take them further (this is two laps around). I decided not to push it even though I really really really wanted to continue.

I’ll tackle another run on Wednesday which I probably would not be able to do if I did not pay a little caution to my injury prone shins. I’m due for a speed round for which two laps will be acceptable to my over achieving mental status.

Originally posted on The Loop May 9, 2011

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