Pace to Pace I’m Yours

Chapter 20

When my warm-up lap timed at 9:27 tonight I new this was going to be a good run. I was a little hesitant since I had no water to drink today and only breakfast around 7:30 AM and half a salad around noon. So trying to squeeze in a run after work on an empty stomach and already feeling a wee bit dizzy upon standing seemed a little unreal. But I did it anyway.

That 9:27 mile was very easy and felt almost effortless. So I stepped it up just slightly for mile numero two and finished both in 18:40. By this time my mind began its normal chatter and convienced me that even though my body felt good and relxed that my chest was on fire, so I unfortunately walked for three minutes to slow my breathing.

Once I began running again I took it easy, or so I thought, and finished the third mile in 29:47. At the end of this mile I was definitely feeling it so instead of giving in again to a walk, I just let go of the reigns and allowed my legs to lead the pace. I ended up finishing five miles in 49:44. I’ll take it! Especially with a walk mind trick thrown in.

Originally posted on The Loop April 29, 2011

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