The Need for Speed

Chapter 19

Me and my new Vomero’s went for a spin today after work. I wanted to take it easy on the mileage so decided intervals were in order. I must admit I was slightly worried about my ankle and knee, but other than a few squaks, they did me proud. I may feel a little sore at the moment, but this was just what I needed.

So what was my plan of attack today? I started with a ten minute warm up and then it was on. One minute of all out heavy breathing running for my life, one minute walk, one minute warm up speed. I did this for 3.50 miles. It felt great. I was so glad I was able to begin running again after the one minute walk period since that seemed to be my point of failure this weekend. I was so elated that I walked across to the street to the YMCA and did upper body weights. I finished off on the mat stretching.

After Sunday’s run it was nice to have today go my way and I definitely drove home with a smile.

Originally posted on The Loop April 26, 2011

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