The Eventual Thirteen

Chapter 18

As I have heard numerous trainers say and have read in magazines, some days you will just have a bad run for no apparent reason. It just happens. Well unfortunately it just happened to me.

I’m not going to say today’s long run was a failure because I did put in the mileage, but it was more of a small bomb. It started off well then just became a completely different run.

The day started out wonderful. It was 60 degrees, just a slight breeze and the sun was brightly shining. I was a little stiff but that seems to be the norm lately so did not think anything of it, still don’t really. After one mile I was trotting along happily.

After mile 7.50 I decided to take a break and rehydrate. I probably did not chose the best method to do this. In my infinite wisdom, I convinced myself that it would be okay to walk the 1/4 mile since I have decided not to do a run/walk. Oh so not the greatest idea to cross my mind. Once I began running again I was back at square one, if not a little deficit. I just could never losen back up. I think this was the turning point of my downfall.

Once I hit mile 10.25 I was at the end of the trail, again, where there is a rest stop. I decided I would walk to the restroom and rinse my face and arms to see if that would help fool myself into thinking I was more refreshed than in actuality. Needless to say, this backfired and ignited the bomb.

Once I began my decent back to the trail, my left knee was not happy. I may be wrong here, but I must have been babying my left ankle unknowingly and this caused some stress to my knee. This is really the only conclusion I have come up with. But this prevented me from running back to the trails starting point, 2.75 miles away. This I must voice was the LONGEST walk I have ever taken. I would have gladly stopped had I had another way to get back to my car. It hurt that badly, but I stuck with it reminding myself that at anytime during the marathon something could go wrong and what am I going to do, quit? Fat chance! I’ll keep going until the sweepers pick me up.

So now I’m layed up on the couch, iced down, nap under belt and looking foward to dinner with the family. I’ve been restrategizing all day as to what I could have done differently to prevent this from happening, but I did sprain my ankle last weekend and only got one run in this week that was far from normal for me. So perhaps I should have just done a shorter long run. I’m not going to let this deter me. Next weekend I have 14 written on the books, but maybe I’ll attempt 13 again. I do have eight more months to train so I think I’ll take a step back and then just look forward.

Originally posted on The Loop April 24, 2011

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