My Idea of Celebrating

Chapter 17

Today I am 37 years young and standing proud. I’ve been passed in too many races by little old men and women in their 70’s and 80’s to feel any differently. By the way, that is one of my lifes goals, to be one of those little 80 year old ladies leaving them youngins in my dust and making them think 40 is pubescent.

Well, my present to myself whether seen as good or bad, was a new pair of Nike’s. The guy at the running store was so patient. I bet I tried on 20 different pairs of shoes until I finaly found a pair I felt comfortable in. I just had to explain to him why it was funny that it ended up being Nike I bought. I have always been a Nike girl until a couple of months ago when I bought my Asics. I love them. But these, par for my record, were one of the higher priced ones but just felt right. We tried to find last years model which were about $50 cheaper but regrettably were not my size. It is truly hard to explain why I had to have this pair. I just knew these were going to carry me the distance, for a few months anyway.

So I’ve traded in my 4 and 5 inch heel obsession for running shoes. As anyone who knows me can agree, my toed collection of weapons are vast and now collecting dust. I now try to keep at least two pairs of good kicks to rotate and semi retire the oldest pair to my cross and weight training.

Well that was my gift to myself and how do I chose to now thank me? Hitting the gym. I love my Saturday work outs. I look forward to weekends just so I can get to the gym saturday morning, hit the weights, do some cardio and not have to rush then the long run on Sunday – Sunday! (You’d have to watch The Today Show to catch that last one)

I always work my upper body then attack the rowing machine. Then it is off to 60 minutes of grueling spinning. Today, the instructor I haven’t been impressed with thus far, really kicked our fanny’s (which she explained to us in London does not mean the same thing and caused a laughing up roar). This was an all out strength training session. I believe we scaled the tallest mountains on any continent, twice! I walked out of today’s class feeling awesome none the less.

But I wasn’t done yet. I went back upstairs and plopped down on the mat to make my abs scream and then stretch giving thanks to all of my hard worked muscles. It is only 10:30 AM and the day has been the greatest!

Unfortunately my iPod is now frowning at me, literaly, the little iPod dude on the screen is pouting and making this horrible clicking noise. It was quite upsetting. So I’m going to Walmart shortly and pick up a nano or shuffle. This is probably actually a good thing as I had an actual 30 gig iPod, the large, heavy humongoid one. It constantly bounced around in my pocket or I always had to wear a fanny pack (man I will never think of that word the same again) to put it in. It is way too large to carry. So I’m down sizing. Of course this trip will only occur after I ingest the wheat spaghetti I am cooking and a much needed shower.

Originally posted on The Loop April 23, 2011

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