The Pinecone Always Rings Twice

Chapter 14

Today was absolutely gorgeous even with the terrible storms that rolled through last night. The ones that accompany tornado warnings and the inability to watch TV, dern satellite. But by the time the first sign of morning peeped through the blinds, the only remnants of the natural chaos were limbs littered throughout the yard.

However due to the previous evenings lullaby, the tempertature was a welcoming 50 degrees and the yellow coating that everything has been sporting for a while washed into the ditches. So what was on today’s agenda? Eight easy miles.

I drove to the nearby path banana in hand to give me some visual interest. Strapped on my belt toting one drink, my keys and my ipod, which died at mile three. After a brief stretch, yes I must not skip this step or not even a quarter mile will be obtained, I took off. I definitely did not want to deal with the knee pain that seems to plague me with forced slow running, so I just went out at a resonable one letting my body take the lead.

I completed mile one in 10:25. Hmm, it felt faster than that but I was stiff and stride short. Second mile I was at 20:16 so my legs were coming around and the current shuffle becoming a thing of the past. By mile 2.50 I was fairly warmed up and feeling great. I completed five miles in 49:37 using a progressive increase.

By the time I reached my starting point, the rest of the gang had arrived for their four mile trip. I decided I would just join them instead of taking the last three miles on my own and even gain one extra that I had not counted on. They of course do a walk/run at conversational pace, but I felt sociable and wanted to enjoy the rest of the work out with them.

Then murphy’s law of running struck with only .75 miles left. That invisible pinecone jumped out in front of me and I landed on it with my left foot bad enough to have the trees yell, Timber! Ug, it never fails. I can go months without an ankle or foot injury, but as soon as I begin getting into the serious portion of my training, the pinecones strike back.

I think I should be able to return to running however by the end of the week as to not miss next weekends 13 mile run. I was pulled up by hubby and began walking it off even though the slight twinge could be seen on my face. I refuse to be sidelined. I just kept telling myself, sub 5, sub 5!

This afternoon will be a continuance of my great first five mile progression. A cook out with the rest of the gang, running our mouths while shoveling burgers or dogs and toasting the wine to good times, friends and family.

Originally posted on The Loop April 17, 2011

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