Taking a Spin in the Name of Turnover

Chapter 13

Today was a great spinning class. There were so many jumps at an 8 that my quads were screaming! Just the way I like it. Now granted, this class was after my swing around the weight circuit and of course 10 minutes on the rowing machine.

My cycling buddy actually laughed at me when she arrived at the gym and walked by me. Evidently my facial expressions could not bypass a comment. That’s okay. I love that machine. It takes about two days to feel it, but man on Monday I’ll be chewy in the middle.

I was actually debating skipping out on the cycling as when I walked out the door at 6:45 AM it was 58 degrees, just a light breeze, I mean absolutely perfect running weather! But I reminded myself that tomorrow is my long day, even though it is a cut back, and I do not wish to aggravate my shins anymore than is necessary. Gotta baby those suckers since I’ve never actually let them heal completely from stress fracture. It seems as long as I forgo the hill repeats, they allow me to continue running, every other day. Mighty nice of them huh…

Originally posted on The Loop April 16, 2011

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